Lamb Cutlets with Lemon Grass & Ginger, Barbecued Asparagus, Roast Potatoes and Curry Butter

Lamb Cutlets. Lamb Cutlets. The mere utterance of which causes the hearts of men around the world to be filled with joy. Husbands cast their mind’s back over the last week, recounting their good deeds while patting themselves on the back and thinking ‘good job… whatever it was…’, boyfriends think to themselves ‘this girl may be the one…‘ and fathers thank their lucky stars that their daughter learned all she knows from her mother. Lamb Cutlets.

I was excited to try this recipe from The Food I Love because it is a cut of meat that I am familiar with. What I am not familiar with, nor am I very good at truth be told, is creating exotic marinades and sauces. Neil suggests pairing these divine little cutlets with his Curry Butter. OK Neil – Done. Just the name – Curry Butter – sounds delicious. My hands-down-without-a-doubt-all-time favourite flavour, Curry. I love it so much that if it weren’t for Willy’s sensitive tum, I would cook up different styles of curry every second night at least. But alas, I did not marry a Punjabi. This butter was like music to my ears (and to my taste buds I would soon learn).

I wanted the main focus of the dish to be on the divine lamb cutlets and the butter so I decided to keep the accompaniments quite simple (yet stick with Neil’s expert advice) – Barbecued Asparagus and Roast Potatoes.

Firstly, I started bashing herbs needed to concoct the marinade for my lovely lamb cutlets in my M&P which included ginger, lemon grass, coriander, garlic among others. I did this while the baby potatoes sat in the pot of water on the stove waiting to heat up.

Once my herbs were bashed, oiled and seasoned, I covered my lovely cutlets with the mixture, glad wrapped and left for around an hour.

Now, onto the Curry Butter! First things first, I had to fry up some curry powder and onion until it was up my nose and tickling my nostrils.

Then I got onto the other bits that go in the butter. As you can see the image below, there is a HEAP of stuff in this butter. To name a few; capers, anchovies, parsley, thyme, egg, butter… I got all of these in my old muncher (food processor) and munched them up good.

And added in the curry powder…

TA DA!!!! Glorious CURRY BUTTER. (ps. I think I was also putting the tots in the oven at this stage)

By this stage, my lovely lamb cutlets have been marinating for like an hour at least and were very ready for the bbq (kind of like when you get a spa treatment that you think is ridiculously luxurious and you get covered in like seaweed juice and have to sit in it for an hour but by the end of it it stinks, you’re sticky, you are like so over it and want it off you now… just be thankful you didn’t get cooked and eaten!)

Oiled and seasoned Asparagus? Check. And on the same life path as the lamb cutlets so to the bbq they go!

Tantalising Tots!!

Voilà – Lamb Cutlets with Lemon Grass and Ginger, Roast Potatoes, Barbecued Asparagus and Curry Butter. Ridiculously Tasty. Willy has pretty much forgotten completely his first love by now (scallops). Fickle, fickle man.

Willy and I thoroughly enjoyed this dinner. It was like meat and two veg but a little bit fancy. Neil’s method for roasting potatoes was perfection. The cutlets were glorious ( I could’ve eaten them by themselves) but the hero was definitely the Curry Butter. Even Willy’s gut didn’t object! Winner.