FOUND: Mrs Wils

Hello dear readers and fellow food lovers,

I am so, so sorry that I have been completely MIA that last couple of months. You see, not long after my last post on my beloved blog, my dear husband and I discovered that we had much more than roast chicken in the oven….

Yes, that’s right. A mini food lover and sure to be milk¬†connoisseur is on the way!

Shortly after this exciting development developed, the first and most awful pregnancy symptom set in and it set in hard. Morning sickness (which, by the way, is a complete lie… it’s not morning, it’s all bloody day). And for the last few months I have scarcely been able to eat normal foods, let alone cook and be exposed to the smell of foods.

The great news is, I am now 15 weeks along and firmly out of the hell that is the first trimester and have even started cooking (slowly) again – yeah! So, stay posted because this blog is about to pick up some serious steam!

The ridiculously gorgeous offender in question

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