Good mornin’ fellow readers!

It’s a glorious, albeit wintery, Friday morning in sunny Sydney and mind is already on the weekend and all of the goodies I am going to create (with Neil’s help of course).

Unfortunately for Willy, he has to forgo his precious scallops for another weekend due to the fact that my baby brother is coming to stay and is not a seafood lover. We are also attending the christening of my cousin’s son on Sunday so I figured it is the perfect weekend for sweets!

The Dessert section of The Food I Love is not, by any means, extensive but, by golly, the lucky few that did make it through are true mouth watering creations of sugary genius. From Panna Cotta to Lime Syrup Cake… this road to an inevitable sugar induced coma should be lined with rainbows and lollipops and…

So, this weekend I will apply myself to two of Neil’s delectable desserts and blog my experiences post haste.

Stay tuned dessert lovers!


4 thoughts on “TGIF!

    • There is nothing better to do in winter but cook and eat!! It’s a crying shame though when we get to Summer (and have to strip off) isn’t it! haha

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