The Food I Love

Julie & Julia is a heart warming tummy grumbling movie about a young woman living in Queens who decides to cook her way through a Julia Child cookbook in an attempt to distract herself from her shitty apartment and even shittier job. If you haven’t seen it, watch it – it will make you want to jump into your kitchen (no matter how small and/or shitty) and cook up a storm! In the spirit of this motivating movie, I have decided to cook my way through a cookbook. Namely, The Food I Love, by Neil Perry, an assorted cookbook assembled by one of my absolute favourite chefs.

Neil Perry is one of Australia’s leading and most influential chefs. He has managed several quality restaurants in Sydney and today concentrates on his numerous restaurants in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, and Rockpool Consulting.

(Excerpt from Neil Perry’s bio here)

I chose this particular cookbook because;

a) it was given to me for Christmas 2010 and I haven’t yet used it but more importantly,

b) Neil expertly dissects and explains the culinary techniques that are required to create fine cuisine at which I, let’s be honest, am hopeless.

I mean, sure I can bake carrot cake muffins like nobodys business but when it comes to say, filleting a fish, for example, I am decidedly inept.

Please join me on this journey of amazing food and self growth. I hope you learn something because I certainly intend to.

First recipe to be tried, tested and blogged this coming Saturday…


4 thoughts on “The Food I Love

  1. Wow – thanks Dave! I did not expect to see a reply so quickly. Especially not from an author of Rockpool’s very own blog! I hope you enjoy my imminent adventure (or at least find it slightly humorous)..

  2. Thanks Sydney Shop Girl.. I’m really scared too to be honest but excited at the same time… I can’t wait to eat everything I cook from this book!

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